Dragonflies & Damselflies

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    Welcome to the Trichoptera Barcode of Life campaign website. Launched in mid-2007, this DNA barcoding campaign aims to build a comprehensive COI barcode reference library for all caddisfly (Insecta: Trichoptera) species in the world (ca. 13, 000 species). Fulfilling such an ambitious goal is not an easy task. This project is expected to be a long-term research program. We are fully aware of the challenges, but also anticipate exciting discoveries during the progress of the campaign. Instead of trying to explore multiple gene markers across a variety of taxa, the Trichoptera Barcode of Life campaign focuses on a standardized mitochondrial COI gene fragment for this group of organisms. Through this approach, species diagnosis for any caddisfly in the world using DNA sequences will soon become a reality. Meanwhile, we incorporate the most up-to-date Trichoptera World Checklist as the master checklist to ensure that the recent taxonomy is employed by the campaign.

    Support from Trichoptera workers is critical to this barcoding effort. To ease the communications between all participating members, we built this website with a hope to provide these services:
  • Provide instructions and protocols for DNA barcoding of caddisflies
  • Create a real-time report on Trichoptera barcoding projects
  • Generate lists of most-needed species
  • Host links to Trichoptera-related websites and contact information of campaign participants
  • Report discoveries of DNA barcoding studies such as the association of life stages, the differentiation of cryptic species, and the need for synonymization
  • Serve as a communication platform that is accessible to all Trichoptera workers, including systematists, phylogeneticists, population geneticists, ecologists, bio-monitoring workers, and amateur naturalists
  • Report news relevant to Trichoptera and DNA barcoding studies

iBOL Overview
iBOL - The International Barcode of Life Project. This project will oversee the assembly of DNA barcodes for 5M sequences & 500K species by 2014. The freshwater bio-surveillance working group (WG 1.7) will gather DNA barcode records for four groups of invertebrates that are critical to water quality monitoring programs around the world.

Limnephilus externus, snailcase - PHOTO CREDIT: James C. (Skip) Hodges Jr.
Limnephilus externus, snailcase
photo: James C. (Skip) Hodges Jr.

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